June 1-4, 2023

Live Music

Big Jim Jam Fest welcomes Eclipse w/ TODD Live

Big Jim Jam Fest welcomes Eclipse w/ TODD Live

Friday, June 3rd

Doors Open8:00pm
LocationNordby Exhibit Hall

Big Jim Jam Fest welcomes Eclipse w/ TODD Live!  

About Eclipse
Eclipse is a longtime working band, playing shows throughout the Midwest over the years. The band and crew bring live Rock & Roll and Country Rock Music with a party atmosphere everywhere they go. From bars and clubs to the largest street dances in the Midwest, Eclipse has shared the stage with such acts as Black Hawk, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Diamond Rio, Quiet Riot, Hall & Oates, Joan Jett, Loverboy, Little Texas, Sawyer Brown, Joe Nichols, Gwen Sebastian, and many more. Eclipse replaced Poison on the 2001 Grandstand at the South Dakota State Fair, and was one of the headliners at the 2002, 2003, and 2005 Grandstand shows. Emerson Drive joined Eclipse for an open jam on the Beer Garden Stage, making it an unforgettable experience for the crowd. Blake Shelton attended an Eclipse show at the fair, saying Eclipse is one of the best cover bands he has ever seen. 

When you attend a show, you will not leave disappointed. Be prepared to sweat, dance, laugh. The show features a wide variety of music. That is what Eclipse is about: fun and entertaining music, taking the audience away from the daily grind. Eclipse is a 97% cover band playing all your favorite rock hits and rockin' country.

Eclipse also plays a couple original songs per show. The rocking song "I'm in the Mood!" says, “you worked all week, now the party’s right here.” Eclipse will bring the party to your town. The heart-touching ballad "2 Birthdays," released to radio by Tony V. from Eclipse in 2009, was written for his late wife who had a heart transplant at the age of 17, and passed in 2014 after receiving her second heart transplant. The song is about a second chance in life and used to create donor awareness. The song and her story were featured in the Nashville magazine, Power Source, in 2009. The "Mexico" song was released to radio by Tony V. in 2010. It charted for 6 months, reaching the Top 40, climbing to #31. 

Don't be shy; come party with Eclipse.

About TODD Live
TODD Live will open for Eclipse from 9:00pm - 10:00pm.  
TODD Live is a local one man band set up to always have a good time. His biggest influences come from Red Dirt, 90's and Classic country genres, but also draws from Classic Rock. You can look forward to an exciting time with songs you will connect with from the legend of White Lake!

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Devon Worley Band

Devon Worley Band

Saturday, June 4th

Doors Open8:30pm
LocationNordby Exhibit Hall

Hailing from Minnesota, Crowds roar during their rousing live gigs at country music festivals across the U.S. In the UK, fans pack high profile rock clubs and stomp their approval for an incendiary set that combusts with memorable original songs written by the alluring lead vocalist and her three band mates. Welcome to the shape-shifting worlds of the Devon Worley Band(DWB). Hitting at a time “when music genres are blurring – and maybe doesn’t even matter anymore” – the Devon Worley Band might show up on Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite streaming platform as country, rock, country-rock, or just rock. The truth is DWB is the most loveable bunch of mainstream music outliers that you ever heard!

Call them a country-rock band or a rock band that plays country with hard rock roots. Either way… pay attention. The country music world is changing. The current country fan is ready for something more aggressive, soulful and edgy. Meet the band that defines that movement. Welcome to the future of country music!